... Jon and I once again found ourselves in the familiar position of camped up in a garage in Accra working on the car
Charlie Curtis : 4th June

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22nd May : Ghana

Thankfully it was negative but I was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and dehydration. Antibiotics and a couple good night’s sleep in a hotel rather than the tent, and I was back on my feet and we were off to Ghana.

24th May : Accra, Ghana

We are currently sitting in a hotel in Accra having driven down from Burkina Faso in the last few days. On route we had diverted to visit a renowned waterfall in the hills. Unfortunately on arrival we were told they were closed to the public as there was a swarm of African bees attacking people. With people still trapped inside the area we offered some surplus plastic sheeting to the would be rescuers to act as protection against the swarms. We did not see the bees.

So here we are waiting for our loving and patient partners Ann and Camilla to arrive. They have foolishly stood by us while we trek through Africa on our journey. They are flying out to meet us for two weeks. Needless to say we are both overjoyed at the prospect, as we haven't seen them in two and a half months. We are splitting up to get some time with alone with the girls and also to get a break from each other. Two and a half months is a long time in a tent!

4th June : Ghana
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Driving through the Ankassa Rainforest, Ghana. The coastline of Western Ghana is stunning, deserted, palm fringed beaches, turtle hatching grounds and lakes formed in meteorite craters.

We surfed, partied and relaxed. A fantastic two weeks. Unfortunately it had to come to an end, and so Jon and I once again found ourselves in the familiar position of camped up in a garage in Accra working on the car.

13th June : Accra, Ghana

The girls have left and we are making final preparations to continue the journey. Leave Accra heading for Togo and Togo National Park.

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