... the road conditions are likely to be pretty bad. These are no more than logging roads so we will not be covering more than 40km each day.”
Charlie Curtis : 28th April

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27th April : Tip: Click pictures to pop-up a larger view!

Crossing the border into Liberia.

27th April : Monrovia

Arrive in Monrovia. Staying overnight in compound with a contact that runs a mining company; He gave us advice on the route to the border with Ivory Coast.

It’s a complex route as there are no main arteries running west to east. We will be travelling off-road most of the way along logging roads. Apparently difficult; but possible.

28th April : Monrovia Tip: Click pictures to pop-up a larger view!

Leaving Monrovia today and heading east; Road conditions are likely to be pretty bad. Logging roads deteriorate rapidly especially after rainfall, so we will not be covering more than 40km each day.

Security situation is stable with no rebel activity reported. Heading through the rainforest we reach One Way Village (we didn’t establish the origin of the name, hopefully nothing sinister) for our overnight stop.

29th April : Monrovia

Continue through the rain forest. After heavy rainfall the logging roads heavy going; At times ‘lola’ is up to her axles in mud but manages to pull through everything. In fact we rescue several 4x4 stuck on the mud on route.

Progress is slow. So far these are the worst roads we have encountered in Africa. Ditches, 4 feet deep straddle the road and we have to creep through the forest to cross the gullies.

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