Senegal is the real Africa. We saw a live band last night with homemade instruments”.
Charlie Curtis : 30th March

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Click the photos to see the gallery of Senegal

Click the photos to see the gallery of Senegal

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30th March

Senegal is the real Africa. We watched a live band last night performing in the street with homemade instruments, surrounded by a huge gathering dancing to the music.

Heading for Dakar today to sort out visas for next stage.

1st April : Dakar, Senegal

It’s evening now and we have just got to Dakar – sitting in a hotel using the wi-fi (see below). We will probably stay here most of the night. Dakar is hectic. Driving here is madness. Cars driving in every direction; Thousands of people selling goods; Shouting; Calling to you; Stalls and stands everywhere; it’s just amazing; Exactly what I imagined an African city to be; Really good fun.

Heading to Isle de Goree tomorrow and then down to stay on the beaches.

The car is coming along nicely. Amazing how quickly we are picking things up. We also spent yesterday trying to hammer out the rim that we bent the night before crashing into the ditch. Eventually we just used the high lift jack like a vice and bent it back. A few more hammer blows and we were there. I’m not certain the alternator is quite right yet so still needs work, but I reckon we could get ourselves out of most mechanical situations now.

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2nd April : Dakar, Senegal

4th April : Palmarin, Senegal

Moved along the coast to Palmarin; indulged in some R&R on the beach. Had dinner with a local family;

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