We had been warned that Casamance was not safe for independent travel ... we saw no hint of trouble and met, for the most part, very welcoming people”.
Charlie Curtis : 8th April

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8th April : Casamance Region

Leaving the beaches of The Gambia we made tracks for the Casamance region of Senegal to cross through into Guinea Bissau. We had been warned by a number of people, and the foreign office, that Casamance was not safe for independent travel due to the fighting between separatists wanting independence and rebels and the military.

Apart from a significant increase in the amount of military around we saw no hint of trouble and met for the most part very welcoming people. One checkpoint did take a particular interest in us and searched the entire vehicle, and us, from top to bottom. They refused to believe that we were travelling as tourists and threatened to arrest us unless we paid a fine and after an hour of friendly chat, and a (faked) call to the British Embassy in their presence, we were suddenly allowed to leave.

And so on to Guinea Bissau; and the entirely unknown Portuguese language.

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