The Objective

We are working with the One to
One Children’s Fund, which works
across Africa to relieve the
suffering of children.

They have set up a network
of 105 paediatric clinics
across 23 countries
specialising in the
treatment of HIV for the
thousands of children
currently affected.

On route and with help
from One to One, we are
assisting in the construction
of shelters at these clinics.
We plan to use our skills as
architect and management
consultant to design and build shelters
for the PATA clinics”.

As an architect, Jon is developing plans for an outdoor shelter and community area to be used as a waiting room, aimed at preventing the further spread of airborne disease amongst vulnerable children. The design will be refined as the journey progresses depending on available resources.

Together with our sponsors we are raising money to build these ‘bandas’ while on our trip, working with the charity to source materials and labour. We will project manage the early development of these shelters, and share our experience with the local community to enable them to complete the work.

We will be documenting our travels so you can see just how much of a change can be made with your generosity ”.

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