One to One Children’s Fund

One to One Children’s Fund pioneers projects, which relieve the suffering of children and foster tolerance, peace and understanding in areas of conflict.

They work hand in hand with local communities and volunteers to create programmes that empower local people, introducing new ways of approaching the welfare of children. The aim is to create centres of excellence and models for best practice, which we and others can learn from and replicate.

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The PATA Initiative
The PATA initiative has its roots in Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa, where One to One Children’s Fund funded a pilot project for treating HIV-infected families using multi-disciplinary teams (a doctor, nurse, psychologist/counselor and pharmacist).

The project showed extraordinary success down to its holistic, rather than rigidly clinical, approach. The success of the pilot project contributed to the South African government’s decision to start providing anti-retroviral treatment to all HIV positive children.
One to One Children’s Fund, in co-operation with its local partner Kid positive Family Fund, was keen to share the knowledge it had learnt from the pilot project with other HIV clinics in Africa. 105 clinics from 21 countries have joined the PATA network. These PATA-affiliated clinics are treating 60,000 children who have HIV.

The medical teams include all healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of HIV including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and counselors.

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