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The Transport

Covering such a huge distance – more than 35,000km – over such immensely varied and challenging terrain has meant converting the Land Rover into an expedition vehicle.

Of course, undertaking such modifications is significantly harder when your last foray into mechanics involved a broken Meccano set and a sulk on Boxing Day. Following our mantra of ‘learn by doing’ we didn’t bother with any sort of formal training. Instead we have spent many weekends working with mechanics and friends in their garages, doing all the work that is required. As such we have pretty much covered most mechanical bases I hope. At least I know how to change a UJ and when to adjust the brakes. Special mention has to go to Alan without whom we simply wouldn’t be able to do this trip. He has kindly given up days of his time and his garage, working on our car and patiently showing us what to do with all the tools we’ve bought. Thank you Alan.

With off-road driving I heard that the best training is the real thing, so that’s our plan. I did spend a day with a 4.x.4 Club where I was taught humility mostly, although the guys there were very helpful in painstakingly talking me through and showing me when to use low gears, diff lock and common sense. So thanks chaps.
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